Migraine is a headache disorder that has a symptom of throbbing like a headache in the particular area of the brain that lasts from a few hours to more than 72 hours. The most common symptoms include nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound. It is caused by the Emotional Triggers like Stress, depression, anxiety, excitement and shock etc. The Physical Triggers include Tiredness, insufficient sleep, physical overexertion and shoulder and neck tension. Even the hormonal changes and some foods or allergens can trigger the migraine attack. Dr. N K Gora is an expert in migraine evaluation with an appropriate diagnosis treatment plan for the patient as per their problem level. He has a special patient awareness program too that focuses on making them aware of the triggers for the migraine.


  •       Identify The Exact Triggers That Initiate The Onset Of Migraine Headache. And, devise The Exact Treatment Plan As Per The Individual Case.
  •       Teach The Patients To Learn Activities And Behaviors That Reduce The Risk Of Experiencing A Migraine.
  •       Better Adoption Of Coping Methods For Pain Reduction When A Migraine Does Occur.
  •       Better Adoption Of Coping Methods For Pain Reduction When A Migraine Does Occur.
  •       Although preventive medications do well in severe cases, surgery is done like nerve decompression surgery.

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